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Electrical: Remote ON/OFF Switch (Optional Accessory)

NOTE: The Lathe can only operate when both the headstock and remote switches are in the “ON”


To mount the remote switch to your Lathe, proceed as follows.

1. Disconnect all electrical power to the Lathe.

2. Remove the two screws from the control panel. Do NOT disconnect control panel from wiring


3. Run the remote switch’s wiring harness through the opening in the back of the headstock and out

through the front of the headstock.

4. Connect the remote switch’s wiring harness to the back of the Push/Pull switch (refer to the electrical

schematic on page 40).

5. Reinstall the control panel to the headstock. From the back of the headstock, lightly pull out any

excess wire that may be inside the headstock.

6. The magnetic back on the remote switch will allow the switch to be placed anywhere on the Lathe.

7. Connect electrical power to the Lathe and resume operations.



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